Internship – 6

Today was spent working on more stuff for the Macleay College end of year showcase. I won’t bore you with the details. After working on more portfolios and major works for a few hours we headed over to the college to set up for the showcase. Prepping and hanging up artworks proved to be harder […]

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Internship – 5

Today was a relaxing one, my task was to go through all the student portfolios for the Macleay College end of year exhibition and format them for printing. Essentially its busy work. But I don’t mind busy work, I actually really enjoy it apparently, see what I said about learning something new every day. So […]

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Internship – 4

Here we are again, talking about internship and all that good stuff. Rocking up to Peppermint is always a pleasure, I’m greeted with the same cheery Jason who never fails to make me a coffee and lay out my tasks for the day. Normally client corrections as usual however there has been a bit of […]

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Internship – 3

Another post another recount of my experiences at Peppermint so buckle up for a riveting paragraph. I got in late today, which is unusual for me, I generally hold the mantra “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, if you’re late you’re fucked”  so I wasn’t pleased with being actually late. […]

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Internship – 2

Interning with Peppermint I was given the opportunity to develop designs for in-store promotional material, This is as always fun to do in general. I feel very comfortable getting into a groove and nutting out designs in Photoshop and at Peppermint this is very easy to do. then I was taken along to present the […]

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Internship – 1

I started interning at Peppermint, a digital marketing agency in Sydney, with the role of client corrections. It was mainly busy work but I learned a few new things in photoshop and illustrator which is always handy. My first task was to go through a series of animated online and mobile banner ads and fix […]

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